Have you noticed these conditions in your foundation?

  Stair-Step Cracks                Horizontal Cracks                   Inward Bowing

Has an Appraiser, Inspector, Realtor or Buyer asked for a

Structural Certification?
Need a Structural Engineer???

Do your basement walls look like these?

Bowed basement walls are a very common problem in the Central Ohio area.  Most are caused by excessive water pressure due to poor drainage.  If the condition is severe, structural reinforcement may be needed.

We are one of only a select few licensed structural engineering companies experienced in evaluating these conditions.  This is a big part of my business and I have provided hundreds of these Structural Inspections over the years.  No matter if the condition appears to be old or new, repaired or not,
call on a licensed P.E. with experience.

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Standard Home Inspections

Structural Engineering Design/Consulting

Structural Certifications starting at $3
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