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A home is the most important investment most people will make in their entire lives.

A Professional Home Inspection is the best way to assure peace of mind and avoid expensive surprises.

A home inspector provides an independent evaluation of the home's major systems so you can make an informed decision about the property.
The quality of your Home Inspection will fully depend on the experience of the actual Inspector.

Don't let an inexperienced Inspector "train" on your inspection.
Click on Finding the Right Home Inspector for helpful tips.

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Did you know?

Currently, the State of Ohio does not require any licensing or certification of home inspectors.  That means that anyone with a business card can call themselves a Home Inspector.  Licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.'s) are regulated by the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers.  Minimum requirements to obtain P.E. status include a 4 year engineering degree, 4 years of professional engineering experience and passing 16 hours of national engineering exams.
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